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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

blogging with cookies

I know cookies have something to do with computers, and they take up space, and I think they let everyone who happens to be trying to clean out your computer know everything in the world you have ever looked at. You know those porn spots you accidentally hit upon? I was horrified once when I had to explain some of that to a good friend who was trying to help me speed up the computer. Then and there I swore I would never go beyond one of those "you must be at least 18 to view this" walls, and I've stuck to it, Joni. Oh, and it really wasn't Bill after all.  But I guess you had that one figured out!
Actually, the cookies referred to are those I just scarffed down in a nervous fit when I finally got signed back in to my blog spot. . . . I had forgotten how to get here after only one day!!  And the really pitiful thing is, I will probably go through the same angst every time I sign in for at least the next 14 days. Not sure of that 14 number...there's some number of times you have to repeat something in order to actually learn and remember it. It may be longer for me. I think it has something to do with my being short. It's physics, more than likely. Rambling, rambling. Yes, the cookies. I got here and there are many scary things if you happen to hit "Design." A weird page come up with things like "choose gadgets." What gadgets? I used a few when I was making supper: a can opener, whisk, and such. Those are gadgets. I'm from a kitchen world and understand that language. Maybe in time I'll get "it" and know computer language too and understand blog gadgets, and themes, and how to add pictures and colors, and pretty little frames. Yeeks! I think I will probably gain a lot of weight from all the cookies this is going to take! Hugs, all!

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