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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Fee, Fie, Fum; Wi-Fi, Hum-m??

There are things that I just don't get. I act like it's not a BIG DEAL, but it IS! I don't want to be left out of this age of technology wonders! And that's where I am...WONDERING what it all means. Now, I can e-mail and face book with the best of 'em. I've even figured out how to post a BLOG! Don't ask me to create a spread-sheet, but why would I need to? When I taught, I kept all sorts of information in my computer and I thought "grade-quick" was the best thing that ever happened for teachers. But that's no longer relevant.
The thing that's really on my mind today is "WI-FI." Just what is that, exactly? Hotels have on their signs, WI-FI in all rooms; even RV-camps offer WI-FI. I have friends who toss the term around and really seem to know what they're talking about, as in, "We were traveling, and I was really out of touch a few days, because there was no WI-FI in the hotel, and I couldn't use my computer." I heard a friend OLDER THAN ME say that not long ago, and I was so impressed! Now,with the new gigantious t.v., hubby keeps talking about it being WI-FI capable.Then he started going on about needing some other things, like maybe a router in order for it to work. A ROUTER?  I kept asking him about it, and he had to break down and admit he doesn't actually understand what it all means either. (Keep this part a know how touchy men are when they have to make such an admission, and he will figure it out.) We both sat around today talking about wi-fi and just trying to figure it all out. Oh, we know the basics: transmission without wires, I think. How can you have no wires? You have to plug in somewhere, don't you? You can't have a movie going without the television plugged in. . . surely not! I can't use my computer without it plugged in. I don't have a lap-top, which is a mistake I can see. I know you can carry them around and use them w/o plugging in, but I think there's still a battery involved. And if it's wire-free, why isn't it called wi-fr, or even wi-fe? Is the FI like the "fi" in "high-fidelity"? That was once a big deal in the recording industry...hi-fi, for short. Fidelity, now that's confusing. Fidelity to me means remaining true in a relationship. What's that got to do with electronics? And nobody uses the term "hi-fi" anymore, like, "turn the hi-fi up, I really dig that music!" That's REALLY old, and soon evolved  to STEREOPHONIC sound, and "turn the stereo up a notch!"
So now, to WI-FI. I know it's a good thing to have, and if we have it, we can order movies on our computer from net-flix and some other companies, and they will "stream" right in there and play on the big screen in the den. WI-FI, I don't understand you, but I don't understand cell-phones either, and no one will catch me without mine! I hope we can have WI-FI, and that someone can tell me what the FI stands for, and I will soon be rid of some of the wires that clutter my house and will be enjoying great movies in our own little movie theater! Pass the ju-ju beans and sugar daddy's, please!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A disasterous day!

 Slept in after remaining up quite late watching a somewhat dreadful movie (because I wanted to see something besides a sporting event on the new, big t.v.) and then spent a fitful night fighting to breathe due to the lastest weather-related allergy thingy. My man was even more miserable and had spent several hours in his recliner. That was an appropriate beginning to a day that went steadily downhill.
It's always a strain on the relationship when we make a MAJOR PURCHASE, like the big-screen t.v. that entered our lives yesterday. The family room is in shambles, and since the "move in" occurred when I was out of the house, and no one thought to call me and ask, things are not as they should be, and photo books, videos, decorative items, and books have all been moved and many are in various spots on the floor. I can't even get to my chair in the regular way, and it's so irritating! Hubby is grouchy, especially since he has realized this is going to take several more purchases before the spending is complete. Had to buy a blue-ray player, need a sound board (our old surround sound isn't syncing with the new arrival) and the television certainly can't reside on the sofa table where it is way! Our entertainment center, which is very pretty and elegant with a dark cherry wood finish, is staying, and we will add an appropriate piece, not that old raggeldy thing!! After fretting much of the day and browsing furniture sites on-line, I made it to my favorite local furniture store and shopped for a proper cabinet. Found it will be pretty impossible to match the wood color to the entertainment center pieces, and that BLACK is the going color for furniture now, especially good since BLACK is the color of the new T.V.! I'm not particularly sold on BLACK furniture...think  "heavy and Victorian," but it seems to be more than just a fad, and who am I to argue with furniture fashion? OK. You who have labored through this piece may be thinking boring, and I think I agree; also, what's this got to do with disaster? not a blessed thing.  It could be a disaster tomorrow when hubby goes to check out the cabinet, finds out the price, and faints dead away, but that's not what I'm referring to.
There are two disturbing things that happened that really fit in the "disaster" column. One, I found that our long-time Kroger store is closing in 17 days. People we know and like and have seen for years will lose their jobs. . . a disaster for them and for us who consider them friends. That's the way it is in a small town. You know the people that check out your groceries and put back that roast for you or slice the ham "just so" or call you when the Spring strawberries arrive. Heck, just losing a store is a disaster of sorts for a small town like ours. It leaves two groceries and the "big box" store where we can food shop. It's depressing and makes it seem our town is shrinking.
Speaking of shrinking, that leads to the second rather disastrous happening. I stopped to grocery shop before returning home, and saw an elderly couple approaching the door as I entered. The lady spoke to me, and,  really, after looking past her at her husband, I realized they were friends of mine, a couple I had known for many, many years, and I hadn't recognized her until she spoke my name! It had been months since I'd seen them, or maybe even a year, but SHE had SHRUNK! She didn't look the same because she had lost a lot of weight, had no make-up on, and her hair was pure silver! When she talked, it was all gloomy and negative. He still had a twinkle deep in his eyes, but there was a sense of worry about him. What had happened to my friend? She had been thinner, but still the same person last time I saw her, but now she was DIFFERENT! She was OLD! When did that happen, and if it happened to her,oh, dear God, chances are it can happen to ME!
Oh, dear goodness! I chatted as best I could, and continued in to the store. I pushed my buggy around, tossing things in, hardly knowing what I was getting, I was in such shock! Get a GRIP, I thought. She must have been ill or something...maybe they just ran in to quickly pick up a few things, and she hadn't taken time to "put on her face" is all. Of course, as I walked and mulled and put things in my basket, I went from shock to depression to defiance...NO-O-O! That will not happen to me. I will not get OLD. I will be mature and "age gracefully" over the next 20 years or so until I finally lose my mind, but in the meantime, I refuse to be OLD. I will think YOUNG, take care of myself, try botox maybe, apply my make-up, DEFINITELY (decided today) keep coloring my hair and PLAY!  It has been my firm conviction for some time now, that when one stops PLAYING, one gets OLD. My friend has had to deal with some significantly sad events in her life, as has anyone who lives long enough. I guess life has finally gotten her down and she has lost her way and she is shrinking and disappearing. That, my friends, in my way of thinking, is a disaster.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Beware: Men Shopping!

Most people don't know me, and those who do probably don't know where I am in blog-land, and I'm still kind of confused about that myself. Thank goodness I bookmarked my spot so I can get to it pretty easily now, even though I haven't seen it for several days. In fact, I haven't seen my computer in several days, because this big hunk of man(and I'm saying that in a good way) has been hunkered down in front of it, shopping himself silly. A little history: He hates shopping. I hate having him with me when I shop. Some men seem to enjoy being with their wives in a mall; I really don't believe it's natural. I don't know a man in my family who enjoys it. They usually find some other way to occupy themselves, maybe go to a movie and leave the gals to our fun, but I have actually seen a few men look pleasant with their wives or girlfriends in stores that don't sell hardware or fishing/hunting supplies. I've come close to stopping a few and just asking what promises were made  before they walked in, but thought better of it! 
Back to my story. My man not only hates shopping, he despises me shopping on-line. He's a little overly-worried about identity theft, and cannot stand me putting a credit card out THERE. . . wherever there may be and no matter about the promises of "secure." So, having him take over the computer for several days in a row, and him being ready, if the right deal was found, to put the Discover, Master, or Visa out THERE, was just plain irritating. It's not like he was shopping for the perfect Christmas present for little ole me, he was shopping for a GIGANTIOUS  flat-screen TELEVISION that will turn my oh so cozy living room into a movie theater! After searching, reading reviews, calling stores, and searching some more, he did not find the tv of his dreams. (Actually, he thought he had several times, but SOLD OUT was the verdict, boo-hoo.) He is not really discouraged by this. He's decided stores will reorder, and that he may actually get a better deal the week after Christmas. I'm thrilled. That should give me just enough times to order theater seats, lights to line the baseboards, and a popcorn machine!!!! Stay tuned to this blog-spot for news of the Grand Opening!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

blogging with cookies

I know cookies have something to do with computers, and they take up space, and I think they let everyone who happens to be trying to clean out your computer know everything in the world you have ever looked at. You know those porn spots you accidentally hit upon? I was horrified once when I had to explain some of that to a good friend who was trying to help me speed up the computer. Then and there I swore I would never go beyond one of those "you must be at least 18 to view this" walls, and I've stuck to it, Joni. Oh, and it really wasn't Bill after all.  But I guess you had that one figured out!
Actually, the cookies referred to are those I just scarffed down in a nervous fit when I finally got signed back in to my blog spot. . . . I had forgotten how to get here after only one day!!  And the really pitiful thing is, I will probably go through the same angst every time I sign in for at least the next 14 days. Not sure of that 14 number...there's some number of times you have to repeat something in order to actually learn and remember it. It may be longer for me. I think it has something to do with my being short. It's physics, more than likely. Rambling, rambling. Yes, the cookies. I got here and there are many scary things if you happen to hit "Design." A weird page come up with things like "choose gadgets." What gadgets? I used a few when I was making supper: a can opener, whisk, and such. Those are gadgets. I'm from a kitchen world and understand that language. Maybe in time I'll get "it" and know computer language too and understand blog gadgets, and themes, and how to add pictures and colors, and pretty little frames. Yeeks! I think I will probably gain a lot of weight from all the cookies this is going to take! Hugs, all!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

There's always that first step

Here I am, standing on the brink of what, I'm not sure. I've always thought I could at least write my thoughts and that it could be a little entertaining and perhaps theraputic. Now that I've made this decision and am attempting my first "baby" steps, I'm just not sure. So many questions about what I'm doing. Maybe the first is, HOW do I do this? I'm trying to follow the directions, but I've never been that great at following directions, and there's really nobody around to ask in person or, my preference, SHOW me how. Other questions: WHY am I starting a blog? WHO will ever see it? DO I really care if anyone sees it but me? AM I AFRAID someone might actually read it? Let's talk about that one. I am not doing this to prove anything to anyone but myself. I'm not a very courageous person, and frankly, I often overcompensate with humor or some other device so people won't see through me and realize I am shy, really. Oh, and if anyone is reading this, I really don't want one to think I am feeling full of myself or narssisistic or anything like that. In the book, Pilgrim's Progress, which I must confess I've never read in its entirity,there is a character called something like "Little Miss Much Afraid." I think I am she. Much afraid about many things, one of which is revealing the real me. This brings me back to one of the first questions: WHY am I starting a blog? Maybe I have some things to share that will help me walk through my fears and perhaps result in a conversation with others who are walking a similar road. So, as the title suggests, what is the big deal. Well, I've said enough about it for now, so excuse me while I get ready to practice my steps.