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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Beware: Men Shopping!

Most people don't know me, and those who do probably don't know where I am in blog-land, and I'm still kind of confused about that myself. Thank goodness I bookmarked my spot so I can get to it pretty easily now, even though I haven't seen it for several days. In fact, I haven't seen my computer in several days, because this big hunk of man(and I'm saying that in a good way) has been hunkered down in front of it, shopping himself silly. A little history: He hates shopping. I hate having him with me when I shop. Some men seem to enjoy being with their wives in a mall; I really don't believe it's natural. I don't know a man in my family who enjoys it. They usually find some other way to occupy themselves, maybe go to a movie and leave the gals to our fun, but I have actually seen a few men look pleasant with their wives or girlfriends in stores that don't sell hardware or fishing/hunting supplies. I've come close to stopping a few and just asking what promises were made  before they walked in, but thought better of it! 
Back to my story. My man not only hates shopping, he despises me shopping on-line. He's a little overly-worried about identity theft, and cannot stand me putting a credit card out THERE. . . wherever there may be and no matter about the promises of "secure." So, having him take over the computer for several days in a row, and him being ready, if the right deal was found, to put the Discover, Master, or Visa out THERE, was just plain irritating. It's not like he was shopping for the perfect Christmas present for little ole me, he was shopping for a GIGANTIOUS  flat-screen TELEVISION that will turn my oh so cozy living room into a movie theater! After searching, reading reviews, calling stores, and searching some more, he did not find the tv of his dreams. (Actually, he thought he had several times, but SOLD OUT was the verdict, boo-hoo.) He is not really discouraged by this. He's decided stores will reorder, and that he may actually get a better deal the week after Christmas. I'm thrilled. That should give me just enough times to order theater seats, lights to line the baseboards, and a popcorn machine!!!! Stay tuned to this blog-spot for news of the Grand Opening!

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  1. My hubby shops with that much detail too! He spends weeks reading reviews and product comparisons before he buys anything.