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Monday, May 16, 2011


It was a weekend our family had looked forward to for months! Son Nathan, who moved all the way from Little Rock, AR to Seattle, WA, came for a visit. And he didn't come alone! He brought the love of his life, Jensina, with him. Family members from Ft. Worth, Tyler, and Houston, TX along with Arkansas family from Magnolia (us) and Little Rock met in Little Rock where my daughter's home became the hub of activities! Bless Julie's heart, and thank goodness she has a place where many people can mix and mingle comfortably and children have several nooks and crannies for play! Anyway, we welcomed Jen into our hearts and lives in a big way. Most of the family had never met her, including me. And although we had skyped and facebooked, texted, and talked by phone, actually seeing her and being able to give her a big hug was a really big, emotional time for me, and for her too. There were tears as well as laughter. It was wonderful, and there was no doubt at all that we have each other in our hearts.

During the early afternoon, everybody kind of dispersed for awhile so "littles" as well as the rest of us could have some nap time and space. Nathan and Jen took a trip to Conway so she could go by the house her parents built there many years ago, and they could go by Hendrix College where the two first met about 21 years ago. He was a staffer and she was attending Governor's School, a special summer program for gifted students. (She is a concert pianist and teacher in a college now.) Of course, they were breaking every rule by even spending time together then, but what are rules when attraction is there? And who hasn't fallen "in love" at a summer camp?

When we all converged on Julie's house later for dinner and more visiting, Jensina had an addition to her "wardrobe." A very sparkly, beautiful diamond ring! While at Hendrix that afternoon, the place where they first "began," Nathan proposed marriage and Jen said yes. So, our "welcome to Arkansas party" became, even better, an ENGAGEMENT party! From seeing the cake that just "magically" appeared, it seems that daughter Julie had a little hint of what was going to take place. Hoorah, and hoorah! Congratulations, Nathan and Jensina and ALL of us! And welcome to the family, beautiful Jen!
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A Special Weekend

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Oh, Be Still, My Heart!

I know. I've been away so long, with Lent and Easter and life in general, not many will remember I'm here, but that's OK. I guess I do this mainly for myself, anyway. Isn't that true of a lot of us out here? Our main audience is ourselves, or at least it begins that way. For so many I've read, blogging has become a ministry, too, and that's a very good thing:)

But all that is for another day. Today is about a dream I had about a little girl who would someday arrive in my life and would be very accessible. A little girl I could hold, and sing to, and dance with and read to; a little girl I could make up games with and adventure with, and spoil, and watch grow...a little girl I could join my life with and wrap my heart around. And, OH! GO TO HER DANCE RECITALS!!!

Friends, just LOOK at our little dancing princess! She takes my breath away. I don't even have to see her on that stage, to have my wish fulfilled...WHAT? Of COURSE I WILL, unless God calls me home first, but when I said I had a dream, I also had a prayer, and I really believe He's going to let me stay around for awhile, at least as long as she REALLY needs her Nana.

Addie is wealthy in grandmothers. She has GeMa, KK, and me. She also has a GG, who will soon be 90! So, Addie doesn't lack in adoring women in her life. The grandmothers will all three be at Miss Addie's first dance recital, and all 3 of us will have tunnel vision, firmly fixed on the little apple of our eyes who has danced her way into our hearts and will remain there always. So, DANCE, little ballerina, DANCE!
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