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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Snow Days

I am a "southern girl," and having two really good snows in the same winter is something of a rarity to us in South Arkansas. Many of my friends and I agree that we love having snow but really would not like living in a place where snow isn't "special." I am just enchanted with the sight of it, and the feel of it falling on doesn't hurt when it hits me, and it doesn't get me wet if I brush it off.  But the other thing I really, really love about snow falling, is the SOUND of it. You know what I'm talking about, don't you? I simply must go outside during the thick of things and just listen...It's a very different sound than rain or sleet, or, certainly hail. It's ice, but it's not. Snow is soft, and it lands on some surfaces soundlessly, but on others in a little "sploofy" sound. I love to hear it as it drifts onto and through the leaves that haven't yet fallen... It's like what my inside little-girl-self thinks of as the sound "magic dust" would make as a fairy godmother grants a wish. Oh, yes, there is still that little girl inside. Aren't you in touch with the one inside you? (unless you're a guy, of course, but even a guy would get it!) I remember being just a little girl, probably around three, and I was looking out the back door, staring at something I just couldn't figure out. It was just sifting down at the time, and after watching it for a few minutes, I finally went to my mama and asked, "Mama, why are all those mosquitoes falling out of the sky?" I really remember that and how my parents laughed! I also remember getting bundled up in my snowsuit and my little hat with a pom-pom on top, and going out to experience the snow. There are still pictures of me somewhere...I will have to dig them out and show them to the "grands." Oh, and who doesn't remember snow-cream! Daddy would take a big pan and go out to find the cleanest, freshest snow and Mama would mix up that sweet, vanilla-laced concoction, and we would truly celebrate the day. When my own children were growing up, we carried on the traditions of those wonderful days ...snow families, snow ice cream, snow fights, sledding.. and now they are passing on the magic of snow days to their children. All I can say is, "Beautiful."


  1. Girl I LOVE snow...and of course am Southern also! I love to listen to the softness as it falls at night...the stillness and hushness...and in fact it's snowing right now, LOL!

  2. Hi Diana

    I came over via Teresa at Grammy Girlfriend, one of the sweetest blogger friends out there! Welcome to blogging. You're gonna love it. No doubt about it. I look forward to getting to know you better.


  3. Hi. Coming over from sweet Teresa at Grammy Girlfriend. Extremely good to meet you...I'm signing up as a follower as I know how nice it is to make new friends out here in the blog world and I'm looking forward to getting to know you. Hope you take the time to come and visit with me when you have the chance. My Granny used to make the best snow cream in the world...she made it just like my Mom...but for some reason her's always tasted like heaven.

  4. HI!
    I came over from Teresa's blog to say hello and welcome you to our world and found out you were from my part of the world! I live in South Arkansas too...I'm just not as thrilled as you about this snow. Brrrr.

    I'm a new follower and hope to get to know you better!!

  5. Hi, I am another visitor from Teresa's blog. Loved visiting here. Come to my place and leave a comment sometime. That is all it takes and before you know it....I will be back (o:
    I am a little tired of snow here in Colorado. It has been in the teens and below today I am celebrating the THAW that 56 degrees has brought. My Granddaughters were here wearing rain boots and running in the gutter.
    Yes... I still have contact with the little girl in me (o:

  6. Mrs B, I enjoyed my snow days too! I love the fact that they are so special because they are so rare! I have nominated your blog for an award. Come to my latest post to see how to claim it!

  7. how true it is...I love our rare, but wonderful snow day traditions! and, what a sweet blog you have started...congrats and welcome to the blogosphere!!

  8. Welcome to bloggy land.
    I am visiting from Grammy Girlfriend.
    I too love the sound of falling snow.
    I don't like snow that has been around a while and gets dirty.
    But I do like fresh snow.
    I love snow cream, snow sledding and snow fights.
    Be safe and stay warm!!

    Happy Valentine's!!

  9. Welcome to blog land. I am visiting via Grammy Girlfriend. I am also friends with Kat, who left an earlier comment. You will find this blog world is an amazing place. I have blogged for 2 years and have met some amazing women and learned lots of wonderful things!! You will love it!!! And you will be surprised at how fast your followers number grows! Love & blessings from NC!

  10. Hi Diana, Nice to meet you! I came here via Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend! Isn't she AWESOME? I just love her to pieces!

    I love snow, we made snow ice cream when I lived with my Parents:) It was DE-licious! I love hearing snow "splat" too, you are correct... it is a different sound! I hope that you are having a Happy Valentine's Day!