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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Re-evaluating and Refurbishing ME

In the picture, I am standing on one of the largest precipices in the world, I suppose. . . The Grand Canyon. It's all behind and underneath me. A truly breathtaking scene, just after a rain, clouds forming BELOW and rising. I will probably never stand in that exact place again, even if I do return to that amazing work of God's art.

This week I've found myself at a different precipice. I've realized I've got to make some changes in my life. I haven't felt well, and it's been difficult to "get over" it. Without going into much boring detail, I'll say that my doctor and I had a good talk, and we have re-evaluated some meds I have been taking. My blood pressure was elavated, which is pretty much unheard of for me; I have been enduring a terrible bout with i.b.s. and had a very scary gastric spasm a few days ago. Good doctor checked me out to make sure that was "it" and no heart thingy, and we changed some meds and did away with some others.
All of this "health or lack of" business has really affected me. For the first time in my life, I was FEELING OLD! I am not accustomed to being ill, and have made up my mind to not continue such nonsense. Like the Grand Canyon, stretching miles behind and beneath me, and still changing and growing, I have a lot of LIFE already behind ME and I don't want to cause what is ahead to be unpleasant through neglect. I have WAY too much/MANY to live for and I want the LIVING to be full of "memory makers" for my children and our "grands." So, beginning yesterday FOR KEEPS, I've adopted and finally welcomed a new life-style, not that my former was so bad, but I think this is better: My day now begins with Bible reading, seriously. It's not a new thing for me to read the Bible, but I had become neglectful, and that's just not right. My spiritual life needs a boost, and what better way than listening to God through his word. I have a wonderful little book called DAILY LIGHT that was first published in Kings James Version in 1794 by Samuel Bagster. In 1998 it was re-published by Anne Graham Lotz, daughter of Rev. Billy Graham. It's total scripture, no commentary, 2 topical pages for every day of the year and extra reading for particular occasions in life. I would recommend it for anyone. I'm reading that and Open Windows devotional, and at some point during the day, I am working on memorizing 2 new scriptures for each month with Beth Moore and other "Siestas." Surely if my 3-yr-old granddaughter can recite the entire BOOK, PINKALICIOUS, I can learn a few scriptures! (although, I'm admitting it's hard for an older brain!)

The next phase of the day, after a healthy breakfast and time enough for it to "settle," I am EXERCISING. This is HUGE for me...anyone who knows me understands that; I pretty much LOATHE it, BUT, "New Me" is embracing the GAZELLE. And I'm making the best of it:) I am spending close to an hour gliding along, or more like swooping along on the gazelle, and watching Hoda and Kathy or something I've recorded, as well as spending time in intercessory prayer. Some people have a "prayer walk," I have a "prayer swoop."

Enough said get the picture. OUT with the whole idea of OLD, and in with the NEW and IMPROVING, ME! We'll talk "diet" on another day. "Oh, God, You have taught me from my youth; and to this day I declare Your wondrous works." Ps. 71:17
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  1. Tell me about the we need another piece of exercise equipment....I am too trying to make some changes....this week of staying in has pretty much postponed the eating healthy for this week Its hard to eat healthy in front of the fire.....

  2. I so understand this post. My p[rob is I need to go to the doc, get checked, full physical and I'm chicken!!
    It's that getting older thingy I'm having touble with!

  3. I love your suggestion to be living to be a "memory maker" for our children. Sometimes in this hectic life, I think we forget why we were really put here on earth and what really matters. Thanks for the reminder. Welcome to the world of blogging, too! It is a fun community and I hope you enjoy it.

  4. Congrats on all your changes to improve your health. After being snowed in for a week, I'm getting very lazy and you are inspiring me to get moving even if I can't get out to my usual exercise. You are on the right track and I hope I can get on there with you.

  5. This Ozark Farm Chick popped over from sweet Teresa's place at Grammy Girlfriend. She is an amazing woman!!!

    Good for you girl, takin' care of you. When ya make it all about the health instead of "dietin'" the pounds that melt away is just an added blessin'. I know...been there done that.

    I'm kinda usin' my blog to document many of my life adventures...with humor of course. :o)

    God bless you and best of luck in the blog world. There are many supportive and amazin' people out here.

    From the snowy hills and hollers of the Missouri Ponderosa, ya'll have a wonderfully blessed day!!!

  6. Loved reading this post. I am on a year long mission to get my weight, health, house in order before my 60th birthday (and that includes my spiritual health).

  7. I'm right there with you, girlfriend.

    I just made an appointment with the doctor yesterday, went to Whole Foods today and bought a bunch of HEALTHY stuff, and took a walk.

    I'm contemplating memorization and!!!

    Spiritually...always striving to grow in the wisdom, knowledge and faith of Him. I am a rare "be-er" in a world of "do-ers," so I generally have good Quiet Times. Miss it when I don't have some miss execise.

    Trying to live spirit, soul and body...healthily ~ in that order.

    Came over from Teresa's place ~ welcome to the world of blogdom. May it bless you and be a blessing to others. I'm trying to ramp up my blogging life, as well.

    Blessings to you with all your endeavors.

  8. Hey Diana,
    Met you through Teresa! Love that lady! I'm always so happy to meet a new friend. I'm bookmarking you and will be back to visit!
    Have a wonderful Friday!!!!!!!!
    And LOVE your blog!!

  9. Hi again Diana! I visited the Grand Canyon a couple of years ago... WOW, I know why it is called Grand:) Enormously beautiful!

    I am 56 going on 57 and totally agree with taking care of yourself! I eat pretty health but fail in the exercise department! My husband jogs everyday for 10-12-13 miles... YEP! That's a lot!

    I'm working on getting with a program! Enjoy your day my friend! HUGS!